It is so easy to get caught up in trends and want the latest and greatest decor for our homes. We truly believe we just want our homes to be comfortable and reflect who we are and how we live.

When we started our shop nearly 16 years ago, we were struggling with just the right items to stock and feature. So many directions and trends to follow, how could we make a clear cut decisive decision on inventory? As the months rolled on and the shop was beginning to take shape, we realized we were buying and stocking items that we loved. Our customers were attracted to our offerings and said how much it make them feel good to shop with us.

It was then we started creating a "lifestyle" for our shop and a place our customers would feel like returning to again and again. The word lifestyle really does capture a mood and a feeling that is directly who we are as decorators of our homes and the way we live. Trends may come and go, but the things we love and enjoy are timeless and speak to who we are as individuals.

We have always believed in surrounding yourself in things that speak to you and make you feel good about coming home.

Our homes are our "nest" and should be feathered accordingly.